Tile removal is the heart of what we do, but it’s only one of the jobs we can help you with on your demolition, building or renovation project.

Tile Removal

It’s rare we don’t complete a job in a day, fast, efficient tile removal by professionals who know how to keep dust and mess to a minimum. No matter what type of tiles need removing (slate, ceramic, porcelain, terracotta) it’s all part of a day’s work for our experienced team.

Floor Removal

Not just tile removal, we can remove all kinds of floor surfaces, carpet, wood, linoleum, vinyl. Nothing surprises us after years in the business. We’ll leave you with a spotless floor, ready for the next phase of your project.

Floor Grinding

A perfect finish, using the latest equipment in dustless floor grinding, leaving no residue of glue or product behind. Speedy, efficient and clean.

Floor Levelling

Let us present you with a completely level surface on which to install your new floor. Take no chances, you’ll regret cutting corners if you don’t use professionals for this crucial step.

Floor Preparation

Every new floor needs the correct preparation. For the best results use experts who have done this many times before. We’ll ask the right questions about the flooring plan to install and prepare the surface to your exact specifications.


We are experienced demolition professionals who can assist with jobs both inside and out. Use us to demolish non load bearing walls, ceilings and plasterboard. Our talents also extend to brick or concrete walls, driveways, decks, patios and planter boxes. Just ask us when you call.


We employ licenced tilers as regular members of our team. So if you’d like the whole job done by one of our professional outfit, please let us know when you call.

Other Trades

Tile Removal R Us have a network of trades and building industry experts we call on when required. If you would like us to quote on any aspect of your build or renovation, please just ask. Our services are by no means limited to removal, stripping or demolition.

Contact Len now on 0417 183 151, and allow him to share his expertise with you.

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