Some useful information about removing tiles from floors

Floor tile removal is straightforward when you know what you’re are doing. That’s why Tile Removal R Us teams are so busy removing tiles all over Melbourne. Because they know how to do it faster, cleaner, with less damage. Some jobs are relatively for the weekend warrior but tile removal isn’t one of them.

When removing tiles from floors it matters less what material the tiles are and more what the sub floor is made of. Floor tiles are most commonly laid on screed, cement sheeting, timber yellow tongue (particle board) or concrete.

So it doesn’t matter if your removing slate tiles, terracotta, ceramic, marble or any other tile material, it’s the sub floor that dictates the method, the time and the mess.

Floor tile removal involves using a specially designed blade to get under the tiles and separate them from the sub floor. The blade attaches to a jackhammer which provides the necessary consistent vibration needed to dislodge the tiles.

Tiles may be laid on screed, a mix of cement and sand, which is very common in bathrooms and laundries as it can be built up to a required height, create a level surface or sloped to create the required ‘fall’ to the drain. removing tiles from screed can take longer than other surfaces like timber, concrete or compressed sheeting, and more debris is created. it’s certainly a job best tackled by professionals.

Tiles may also be laid on timber. If they are glued on (also known as direct stick) they are VERY hard to remove. The time it takes depends on the type of glue, type of timber and type of tile. There is a high risk of damage to the underlying timber floor, especially for softer woods like pine. Slate tiles in particular are well known for their excellent adherence to timber flooring) and their equally problematic removal). Tile Removal R Us advice? Call a expert.

Removing tiles from cement sheeting means there will be an underlay between the sheeting and the tiles. This allows the underlay and tiles to be removed with no damage to the subfloor. Damage to the subfloor may occur if it’s soft, water damaged or the person doing the job is inexperienced.

Tile Removal R Us can attend your property , remove tiles from any surface, get it right the first time and do it as quickly as possible. We have years of experience and exactly the right tools and knowledge to get the job done.

Contact Len on 0417 183 151 and find out how quickly he can send a team to your property. The sooner your tiles are gone (and all the debris and rubble), the sooner you can get on with your project.